Mabel Crout Court

Party Walls & Neighbourly Matters

2110 Consult negotiates Party Wall Award for Modernisation of Mabel Crout Court, London

Mabel Crout Court, an existing 60’s constructed apartment block in London, SE9 is being converted by a vertical extension from three storeys to five together with a lateral extension to one of its flanks. Modern cladding, new glazing and balconies will enhance the external appearance of the high-specification apartments.

Appointed as Building Owner’s Party Wall Surveyor, we ran title checks, prepared and served notices and put Awards in place between the developer and Mitchell & Butlers, owners of an adjacent public house. Working closely with the Building Owner’s Structural Engineer, design checks were carried out and a detailed Schedule of Condition was prepared. An agreement was secured covering construction operations on site, which included measures permitting the notifiable elements to proceed whilst minimising disruption to the pub’s operation during busy lunchtime periods.

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The Building Owner’s Lead Architect said, “2110 Consult handled the project in a highly proactive and efficient way. We are delighted with the outcome which was achieved well ahead of schedule and would have no hesitation in recommending them for their Party Wall services.”

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